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The History of a Holster found at Universal Orlando's Heraldry Store

The Bientro Team

Here are some other holster history highlights:

  • 1840s: Belt holsters began to appear, but they were primitive and often just slits in belts.

  • 1850s: The California Gold Rush saw the first holsters of the day.

  • 1960s: John Bianchi developed one of the most famous early shoulder holster designs, the "X15".

The American Rifleman website posted the following:

The origin of holsters is a combination of Dutch, Old English, and German. The concept is actually seen in the Bible around 1,000 B.C. when a young David carried stones (ammo or a reload) in a leather pouch for his sling. However, in terms of packing a firearm, the concept of a holster was developed during the mid-17th century.

Why a Leather Holster?

Leather holsters were created for ease of carrying a pistol. However, at Bientro, we create holsters for magic wands, hand fans, wallets, Steampunk tea cups and saucers, parasols, and more! Leather holds up over time, is more durable, and breaks down easier than fake or vegan leather - read our blog post here for more info.

Our magic wand holster are displayed by the cash register at Universal's Islands of Adventure Heraldry store.

The Bientro Magic Wand Holster

Here at Bientro, we design and create all types of leather holsters. We can make friction and gun belt holsters. However, we focus more on the cosplay industry.

Our start in holsters stems back to 2016 when we began creating magic wand holders for the Harry Potter fans who visit the Universal Orlando theme parks every day. Since our start, we went from making a dozen holsters each week to bringing hundreds every week to the park's store located in Islands of Adventure - The Heraldry Store. Here is a picture of this store:

Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure Heraldry Store on the way to the Hogwarts castle.

Slideshow of some holster designs available.

Magic Wand Holster Designs

We began with one design and currently create about a dozen variations based on requests over the years from guests and customers. In the beginning, it was believed that guests would be happy carrying their magic wand inside of their black robes. However, in our very hot and humid summer weather, guests complained because they didn't want to wear a hot black robe in the Florida heat. The magic wand holster was created by us and approved for sale at the park.

Various Sizes of Holsters

Our leather holsters come in various sizes. We also create custom holsters for magic wands that do not fit the normal measurements found at the parks. Contact us through our website to find out more about custom holsters!


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