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About Bientro

Bientro artists create leather wand holsters
Bientro exhibits leather art pieces around Central Florida
Bientro leather artists create custom leather cosplay costumes and pieces
How did Bientro start?

The story of Bientro Leather Art.

Nelson unfortunately suffered a heart attack in April 2015. During his recovery, he decided he needed a hobby to focus on something more relaxing. Leather seemed to be calling his name after that fateful day. When he took Janet to the leather store, her only request was that they would not do the typical "country designs" that everyone else does.

Next, we quickly saw this was not just a hobby. The expense of leather crafting demanded we start an actual business. Then, we needed a name. Janet began to search for interesting words that described their creative side. Since they are both avid Dr. Who and SciFi fans, it only seemed appropriate they use an Elven word.


The search for a name began. Janet would look at Elven dictionaries and find words that would describe their newfound love of leather. They checked the word 'create', and Bientro was born!

Finally, a logo was needed. Who best to become the logo, than their beloved little dachshund, Chopper! Janet bribed Chopper with cheesy poofs and finally got a side shot of the little wiener dog. Chopper's silhouette became the Bientro logo and we hope the rest becomes history. Well, maybe not history, but the beginning of a great new business that uses all types of real leather and creates exciting products that make people smile.

We make everything by hand, one at a time. The artists are Nelson, Lori, and Janet

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